Final Fantasy XIV digital sales and free trials to resume in late January, more servers to be created soon

Sales were suspended following Endwalker's release.

Image via Square Enix

Gamers who have wanted to buy the Final Fantasy XIV base game recently have been out of luck since the game’s digital sales were suspended a month ago. But the wait will be over soon.

Square Enix revealed today that it’s enabling digital sales again starting on Jan. 25. In the same blog post, it also announced the official roadmap for new data centers opening in several regions.

This decision was made following the opening of Oceania’s dedicated data center, which will reduce the load on both North American and Asian servers. Square Enix also considered that the “play time and log in frequency of current players is steadily returning to normal levels.”

Digital sales were suspended in mid-December due to a peak in simultaneous player connections that followed the release of the latest expansion, Endwalker, on Dec. 6. This caused server outages, numerous issues, and long queues. Although FFXIV’s digital sales will soon resume, they might be suspended again if the servers experience more levels of congestion in the future.

The Oceanic region is the target of a massive change with the creation of a dedicated data center called Materia, which will be divided into five Worlds. “There should be more than enough room for everyone in Oceania to transfer over,” game director and producer Naoki Yoshida wrote. It’ll open on Jan. 25 and all transfers to those Worlds will be free of charge.

Players who transfer to these new Worlds will gain a double XP bonus until level 80, 10 silver chocobo feathers to trade for gear, one million gil, and 15 days of free playtime. Players who owned a house or flat will receive gil compensation.

The developer also revealed that it’s adding new Worlds in Japan, North America, and Europe next summer. While all three regions will receive one new World, three more are planned to be created for North America and Europe next year.

Lastly, Home World Transfers will resume on all data centers on Jan. 26. Players will have to wait longer to transfer from one data center to another, though. This service will be opened later this year and the developer is still considering whether to enable cross-region travel.