Diablo Immortal is set to get updates every 2 weeks

The updates are free.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo Immortal has been the subject of controversy and frustration since the free-to-play mobile game dropped a few months ago. Despite outrage at the abundance of microtransactions at higher levels of the game, Blizzard has made an extreme amount of money off the game, making over $100 million after eight weeks.

Following the success of Diablo Immortals’ launch, Blizzard has announced an extensive update schedule for the mobile game.

There will be new content coming every two weeks, according to the developers. These updates will either be mini updates or major updates. Mini updates include battle pass seasons, in-game events, and feature updates. Major updates will be new gameplay features and storyline expansions. All of the updates are free.

The developers will also be providing bug fixes and quality-of-life updates “on a frequent basis.”

“We’re communicating this cadence not only to provide additional transparency to the Diablo Immortal community, but to also equip you with more knowledge around our post-launch content release cycle,” Blizzard said.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Is Diablo Immortal pay-to-win?

Diablo Immortal is free-to-play but streamers have noted that the endgame is full of pay-to-win components. Players have to buy Legendary Crests with actual money to get the loot required to have a chance and build a stronger character.

It’s impossible to become high-ranked on your server in Diablo Immortal without paying money. You’ll need to purchase boosts to keep up with other top players.

Don’t want to pay? There are ways to get around spending real-life money but it will take a lot of grinding. There are some daily rewards to get Eternal Orbs:

  • First Kill of the Day reward
  • Interact with Elder Rift for Rare Crest
  • Complete Challenge Rifts for loot
  • Collect hilts from Challenge Rift rewards from previous day
  • Free Daily Reward Chest filled with resources
  • Complete quests on the Bounty Board for gold and items
  • Get gems for finding and completing Hidden Lairs

Another option is to complete the Bestiary, a catalog with over 100 monsters. Only three pages can be redeemed each day. Doing so, however, will reward players with 40 battle points that can be used to rank up in the battle pass, earning more rewards.