Beginner’s tips for New World

Add these to your playstyle.

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When you first enter New World, there is plenty to explore and discover. While a lot is obvious and driven towards thanks to the game’s narrative, other handy tips and tricks aren’t so clear, but can help out in both early and later stages of the game.

If you’re only now beginning your journey into New World, then you’re going to want to check out our starter’s guide here. But if you’ve been playing for a short time and are just looking for new tips to help you out with the rest of your journey, these are some things you’ll want to implement into your playing.

Beginner’s Tips for New World

Image via Amazon Games

Carve/Harvest/Mine everything!

Resources are key in New World. Not only can these be used to create items, sell for gold, or complete missions, but if you’re working to actively level up your trade skills from the start of the game all the way through then you’ll have adequate abilities for the later parts of the game.

Whenever possible, take advantage of the resources in your surroundings and craft as often as possible. If you have no use for these items, sell them at the Trading Post, but they are most definitely worth collecting for the skill XP.

Store your resources as often as possible

While you gather resources, there will be a point where your inventory must be emptied. If you put resources in your storage, you can still use them to craft while you are in that specific town, or other towns owned by your corresponding Faction.

Travel lightly

Being encumbered with too much weight makes traveling almost impossible. But even if you can walk, having too much weight is a bad idea for moving around Aeternum. If you’re planning on fast traveling the less weight you have on you, the less cost you’ll face to fast travel.

Make sure you store everything you aren’t using before you fast travel, so you can reduce its cost.

Take advantage of the Trading Post

The Trading Post is an awesome tool to get your hands on powerful weapons or tools, but there are plenty of other reasons to make use of this marketplace. You can quickly purchase resources that can be immediately handed in to complete Town Quest, for example. This is a great way to quickly level up without needing to venture outside a location.

Complete Side Quests

A lot of players in New World will go straight to the story missions to advance in the game. While this is great, you’re going to want to take side missions along the way. They may not give the most XP possible, but they are going to take you to locations around the map that you otherwise would not have been to.

This will give you more map coverage, XP, and just generally provide more of what the world of Aeternum has to offer while you work through the game’s main story.

Remember, Respecing is free until level 20

New players can Respec for free until level 20. This means you can easily try out all weapons and work out the correct playstyle for you. Make sure to do this so that once you hit level 20 you’re prepped and ready to continue with the playstyle you’ve chosen.

You can still do this later in the game for a small cost, so there’s no need to stress even if you wind up changing your mind later in the game.