Amazon Games shares update on Lost Ark’s roadmap

More events rewarding honing materials are set to be introduced soon.

Image via Smilegate

One week following Abyss Raid Argos’ launch on Lost Ark, many players are wondering what they can expect to see in the game in the near future.

While the game’s roadmap for the next few months was leaked a few days ago, the developer has mentioned that its content was subject to change, especially considering the average progression of the player base that would be experienced this month.

Since Argos’ launch, many discussions about when to release high-end content have arisen. While some players are disappointed in seeing new high-end content being released too fast while they still are stuck in Tier Two or Tier One content, others support fast updates to catch up with the Korean version, which was released a few years ago.

Amazon Games shared an update on this roadmap last night and explained how it plans to introduce new content in Lost Ark over the next few months. It also addressed the discussions on the pace of new high-end content in the game, apologizing for launching the Argos’ update “too quickly after launch.”

New advanced classes

The leaked roadmap suggests that the next two Advanced classes will be the Destroyer in April and the Arcana in May.

While Amazon Games hasn’t confirmed this, it said that “classes will be released faster,” in light of the data gathered from the various community hubs. “Our goal is to catch-up,” it said. It’s still unclear if the plan is to release one Advanced class per month, though, as the leaked roadmap has shown.

More honing materials

Since the developer’s priority is to speed up the progress of players up until Tier Three content, it plans on “supplying more progression materials for players to earn through fun in-game events.”

To start, it’ll introduce new rewards for the Arkesia Grand Prix, fun races that can be performed once per day per roster that were introduced one week ago. A new Event Guardian Raid will also reward honing materials and the first Competitive Proving Grounds season will launch soon as planned.

The Event Guardian Raids will feature casual raids, similar to the traditional ones, and more information will be shared on that in next week’s update. The developer will also inject more gold from the mid to end-game, although it didn’t specify how.

Image via Amazon Games

Lastly, the developer has reaffirmed its stance against bots and revealed a gift event to celebrate the game’s Western launch, similar to the event that took place in the Korean version of the game previously.

Players will receive a batch of gifts upon logging in starting on March 21. They include a skin, a pet, mount, Stronghold structure, an Appearance change ticket, and various currencies.