Amazon bans New World players for using gold exploit

Around 150,000 players were able to transfer servers, but a small percentage of players spoiled it for everyone.

Image via Amazon Games

Following some issues with character data in New World, Amazon has put out a notice that it will be banning anyone who used a gold exploit to gain an advantage during the time their character was affected.

Not long after server transfers went live, Amazon had another issue with character data, which led some players to transfer gold to gain an advantage while their character was affected. A notice was issued to address this and Amazon said those who used the exploit will be banned. The devs will also be removing the gold and items used in the exploit when applicable.

The exploit was part of a glitch that allowed players to duplicate gold and items while their character data was affected. Players could send gold to another player, log out then back in, and the gold they traded would still be in their inventory. Word of this glitch spread quickly, which led Amazon to take steps to address the issue, such as preventing those characters from logging back in.

Shortly after Amazon addressed the first issue, it paused character transfers to fix the problem. The development team said it will announce when the service is back online, but there’s no timeline for when it will return.

Server transfers aim to address issues from launch where players chose different servers from their friends to get their hands on the game since some servers suffered long queue times. There have been multiple attempts to get server transfers going, but issues and delays have persisted since they were announced.