All Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.1 Main Scenario Quests

Tataru has a new mission for you that will require the help of the former Scion members.

Image via Square Enix

It’s time for Final Fantasy XIV fans to return to the game, five months after the release of latest expansion Endwalker.

The first Major patch has hit live servers, called Newfound Adventure, introducing a plethora of new content including more Main Scenario Quests. It also released new mounts, minions, more crafting items, numerous balance updates, as well as a rework of the PvP modes to make them more appealing to the players.

But the Main Scenario will be the first thing the players will want to discover in many cases. They will be able to start a new adventure in one of the most iconic places of the game, the Rising Stones. Head there and you’ll be given the first 6.1 quest. You can also track the location of the next objectives at any moment by clicking on the quest bar in the top-left corner of your screen.

If you’re wondering how far you’re come in the new questline or want an idea of how long it is, here are all the quests added to the Main Scenario following patch 6.1.

All Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.1 MSQ

  • Newfound adventure
  • Bountiful Ruins [unlocks dungeon]
  • Friends for the Road
  • Alzadall’s Legacy
  • A Brother’s Grief
  • Sharing the Wealth
  • Bridging the Rift [unlocks sidequest for Alliance raid]
  • Restricted Reading
  • Void Theory
  • A Satrap’s Duty

In addition to those main quests, you’ll be able to complete some new secondary quests as well, such as the one to unlock the Final Day’s Extreme trial version, called Endsinger’s Aria, and the Aglaia Alliance raid.