All Alliance Raids in Final Fantasy XIV and how to unlock them

The story and rewards are worth completing these raids.

Image via Square Enix

Alliance raids are among the most interesting duties to clear in Final Fantasy XIV. They are raids where 24 players are divided into three teams. Contrary to other duties, each team only has one tank, two healers, and five DPS players.

They are fun, but not easy to clear, at least without dying. Each boss features a few wipe mechanics that players must keep track of. Each FFXIV expansion features several Alliance raids that are tied to one story.

Although this content is popular, many players might miss it because they’re sidequests instead of being part of the Main Scenario. Since their stories are crucial to comprehending the game’s lore, however, the first array of raids has been made mandatory to progress through the MSQ. Here are how to unlock all Alliance Raids in FFXIV. It’s highly recommended to clear them all.

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A Realm Reborn

You need to complete the MSQ “The Ultimate Weapon” and then head to Mor Dhona at X: 21.8, Y:8.1 to unlock these first raids. Follow the questline and you’ll be guided to unlock all three raids from the base game.

  • The Labyrinth of the Ancients
  • Syrcus Tower
  • The World of Darkness


To unlock the Alliance raids from this expansion, you need to complete the MSQ called “Heavensward” and head to the Pillars. The Unquiet Trader NPC will give you the first quest at X: 14.1, Y: 10.6.

  • The Void Ark
  • The Weeping City of Mhach
  • Dun Scaith


The third line of raids was the first one to offer something different. You’ll be exploring ruins and battling guardians in a remake of FFXII and Tactics. To unlock them, head to Kugane and speak to Keiten (at X: 10.0, Y: 21.1) after completing the MSQ “Stormblood.”

  • The Royal City of Rabanastre
  • The Ridorana Lighthouse
  • The Ordonne Monastery


This line of Alliance raids is pretty unique because it brilliantly ties the universes of FFXIV and NieR: Automata together. After completing the MSQ “Shadowbringers,” head to Kholusia and speak to the Gossipy Dwarf at X: 12.9, Y: 8.7.

  • The Copied Factory
  • The Puppets’ Bunker
  • The Tower at Paradigm’s Breach


To unlock this Alliance raid, completing Endwalker‘s MSQ won’t be enough, but you’ll have to clear a few more quests released alongside Patch 6.1 instead.

Once you’ve reached the required point in the MSQ, you’ll see a blue quest appear in Old Sharlayan at X: 9, Y: 11.3. Since you’ll have to be in the city to progress through the scenario, you can’t miss it.

  • Aglaia

All Endwalker Alliance Raids have yet to be unveiled.