NFT company shares plan to make Minecraft-like game after Mojang bans Blockchain integration

The new title will keep the same playstyle, look, and feel.

Image via Mojang

After Minecraft’s creator came out publicly sharing its stance on NFTs last week a company that leverages this technology as well as the game, NFT Worlds has vowed to create its own game similar to Mojang’s hit.

In a lengthy statement shared on social media, NFT Worlds explained how they were caught off guard by the decision not to allow NFT integration with Minecraft.

The company described it as “a battle between web2 and web3.”

“Microsoft, Mojang, and Minecraft have signaled they have no regard for creators, builders, and players if at any moment a new idea or vision conflicts with any internal politics or opinions of their power holding minority; regardless of their public facing ideals around creators and developers they say they uphold,” the statement reads. 

“This is not the first time Microsoft and Minecraft has enforced a new crippling policy or agenda-based rule enforcements on creators within the Minecraft ecosystem, and certainly won’t be the last.”

Continuing, NFT Worlds say they will be bringing together their team alongside a “war chest of funds” to create a game and platform similar to Minecraft. It won’t be the exact same as the statement says it will include the “modernization and active development Minecraft has been missing for years.”

“While the playstyle, look and feel of this will be very familiar to Minecraft players; the game mechanics, graphics, performance optimizations and overall improvements will usher in a more accessible, ownable and enjoyable playing experience,” NFT Worlds wrote.

“Best of all, we’ll be completely untethered from the policy enforcement Microsoft and Mojang have over Minecraft. We truly become our own open game and platform.”

This new game is said to be free for players to try and will have non-crypto player content to attract all gamers to the project. The team’s goal is also to include backward compatibility for creators who have already built within NFT Worlds to facilitate a smooth changeover.

Of course, with these grand aspirations, there has been no timeline shared for when the potential Minecraft rival title would be complete and ready to play.