Gladiator gets a quadruple-kill in hilarious Marvel Snap play

That's four in a row for the lucky player.

Gladiator in the comics, in front of an explosion
Image via Marvel

There are cards in Marvel Snap that are being played because of their stat line. One of those is the newest addition to the game, Gladiator, who is powerful for being a three-cost, seven-Power card. His drawback, however, is his ability that can either make or break your game.

Gladiator has a drawback ability in exchange for his powerful stat line. Once you play him, a random card will be called from your opponent’s deck in the same location as him. If its Power is lower than Gladiator, the card will be destroyed. But if it has eight or more Power, it will stay in the location and will be counted as a free play for the opponent. This ability makes Gladiator as a high-risk, high-reward card in Marvel Snap since he can either be a pseudo Shang-Chi who can destroy cards or a Jubilee-like card who can call units, but for your opponent’s side.

There are always two sides to the coin, though, and some players manage to get lucky and get to wreck cards because of Gladiator. In the post made by Reddit user Nayr39 on Nov. 15, they played Gladiator in the game-changing Bar Sinister location. This location will be filled with three more copies of the first card that will be played here from both sides. In this case, the gamer had four Gladiators because of their play in Bar Sinister, meaning his effect will also be triggered a total of four times.

The scenario made by the gamer seemed to be a huge gamble at first. But their Gladiator play in Bar Sinister paid off when they managed to destroy four cards from the opponent’s deck since all of the random cards called by Gladiator’s effect had less Power than him. These were Iron Lad (four-cost, six-Power), Blue Marvel (five-cost, three-Power), Mister Sinister (two-cost, two-Power), and Invisible Woman (two-cost, three-Power).

The gamer even spiced things up when they played Yondu on the left Limbo location, destroying Patriot in the process. This left the opponent helpless since their deck relies on the boost that can be provided Patriot and Blue Marvel to their vanilla cards, as well as the additional Power and potential ability boost by Iron Lad.

The opponent was forced to retreat, giving the gamer four cubes in their Conquest mode match. The post already garnered almost 900 upvotes from fans, as well as some hilarious comments from fans because of the lucky play the gamer pulled off.

“The fact that you tried to snap again lol,” one user said.


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