What are Field Passes in Madden 23 Ultimate Team?

Play more, unlock more.

Image via EA

If your preferred game mode is the Ultimate Team in the Madden series, you’ll need all the in-game resources you can get your hands on to build your dream roster. In most real life professional sports, making your own dream squad involved money, and the same holds true within MUT. There are multiple in-game currencies in Madden 23, and accumulating more of them can involve some element of luck. Considering there isn’t a direct way to purchase these currencies, most players rely on opening packs and discarding the items they don’t need.

There is a different way to go about building your squad in MUT, however. It’s still possible to follow a free-to-play route in Madden 23. Field Pass is generally considered a great resource, and it’s available to all players.

What is a Field Pass in Madden 23 Ultimate Team?

The Field Pass is Madden 23’s version of the Battle Pass system. Players aren’t required to make additional payments to unlock the Field Pass, and all tier rewards are free. Players will need to earn XP to progress through the Field Pass in Madden 23, and XP can be earned by completing in-game objectives. EA introduces new Field Passes every season, meaning each Field Pass will have an expiration date.

The Battle Pass system has long been associated with the battle royale genre, especially in games like Fortnite and Apex Legends, but it has started to make its way over to other titles and game categories. It allows developers to roll out seasonal content in a way that also incentivizes players to play, and continue to play consistently. Whenever a new Field Pass drops in Madden 23, EA also releases new challenges to help players unlock tiers as fast as possible.

While it’s not as immediate as simply buying packs to open, grinding your way through the Field Pass can save you some money, and help you build your squad at the same time.