Winding God wins his 2nd LoR Fight Night Legends

Winding God earns a seat at his fourth FNL tournament in a row.

Legends of Runeterra Quinn
Image via Riot Games

Winding God continued his tournament win streak at week three of the Giant Slayer Fight Night Legends tournament.

Following his victory at week one of Fight Night Legends, Winding God returned in week two, finishing second after losing in the finals to Gvuardya of Team Aretuza. Both Legends of Runeterra players dominated tonight, with Winding God beating out Gvuardya in a winner’s final rematch that earned him a seat at the finals for a third week in a row. But his victory wouldn’t be an easy one, facing off against Rattling Bones who had made an amazing comeback from the losers bracket.

Week three’s LoR meta continued to showcase Ezreal/Karma, along with several Aggro builds like Miss Fortune/Sejuani and Zed/Quinn that earned the victory for Winding God.

Gvuardya (Team Aretuza)

Winding God


Bruised By God (BBG)


4LW (Team IQ)


Topher (Team AG)

Winding God faced off against Rattling Bones, who ended up in the losers bracket after round one. Rattling Bones fought his way to the final match by defeating Bruised By God and Gvuardya in the losers semifinal and final matches. 

Both players brought similar archetypes to compete with, creating an amazing showdown of who could out strategize the other. Rattling Bones continued his comeback, winning the best-of-three final match, and forcing a bracket reset best-of-three match to determine the winner of week three. But Winding God pulled out the win, sweeping Rattling Bones in the bracket reset final match. 

Winding God and Rattling Bones will advance to Fight Night Legends week four next week on July 17 at 4pm CT via Giant Slayer TV, with Winding God seeking his third FNL Legends of Runeterra title.