Winding God earns third-straight NA Team Liquid LoR Duels of Runeterra win

BBG isn’t the only LoR player dominating the competitive scene.

Legends of Runeterra Sejuna
Image via Riot Games

Winding God made his fourth appearance in the North America Legends of Runeterra Team Liquid DoR finals last night and picked up his third consecutive title.

A total of 512 LoR competitors from Europe and North America competed in the third Rising Tides Team Liquid Duels of Runeterra NA tournament this weekend. Heading into the NA semifinals, the lineup was stacked with LoR players like Winding God, ChristmasTime, Nolagold, and Yotsuba. And Winding God completed the three-peat in the ninth Liquid DoR community tournament. 

Winding God’s win wasn’t easy, though, especially after losing to ChristmasTime during the first game of the semifinals. Playing a unique Ezreal/Vi Freljord deck, CT went lethal on turn 10 despite Winding God having a life total of 18.  

But a win with Bannerman and Ashe/Sejuani against Sea Monsters in games two and three earned Winding God his fourth-straight finals appearance. His opponent was Yotsuba, who made it to the finals with a win over Nolagold. 

Yotsuba brought Bannerman, Sea Monsters, and Burn to the ninth DoR tournament to face off against Winding God’s Bannerman, Heimer/Vi, and Ashe Sejuani decks. The final match was played in a best-of-three Conquest format with Heimer/Vi and Burn being selected as the banned decks. 

Winding God swept Yotsuba in the finals, beating his Sea Monsters deck with Bannerman and Ashe/Sejuani. Game two almost went to Yotsuba but a Reckoning by Winding God, in response to a play to go Deep by Yotsuba, earned him his third-straight win at the Liquid DoR tournament.