When does the Legends of Runeterra open beta end?

The open beta kicks off today at 1pm CT.

Image via Riot Games

Today marks the beginning of the Legends of Runeterra open beta and digital-card game enthusiasts can finally test out new decks, play with friends, and climb the ranked ladder.

Two earlier preview patches in October and November gave fans a sneak peek into the intricacies of Riot’s card game. But now, fans get full access to the fun indefinitely with plenty of new features to keep LoR interesting.

When does the open beta end?

Image via Riot Games

There isn’t a confirmed date for the end of the LoR open beta. But eager fans don’t have to worry about any downtime between the beta and the official release.

Though LoR’s official release will be “sometime in 2020,” fans will be able to play the beta up until launch, according to playruneterra.com. A mobile version of Riot’s card game will debut at the same time as the official launch.

What’s new in the 2020 open beta?

The open beta introduces a friends list and challenge-a-friend functionality, so you can finally best your pal and test out new strategies. And Riot is keeping a consistent ranked system across all of its titles. League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and now LoR will use a similar competitive ladder. Players will begin in Iron and have the possibility of climbing all the way to the Master tier.

Extensive patch notes also detail a switch in XP values, increasing the amount earned with the first three wins and overall losses. Over 20 cards were tweaked to balance out the meta, including harsh nerfs the Cryophoenix Anivia.

All players can jump into the card-slinging action today at 1pm CT.