Riot says Legends of Runeterra internal data sharing is in the works

Unskewed information leads to an overall healthier metagame.

Image via Riot Games

In an effort to showcase meta diversity in Legends of Runeterra, Riot Games is working on a way to share data with the community that’s more accurate than what’s being provided by third-party data aggregation sites.

Several third-party data aggregation sites, like Mobalytics and Decks of Runeterra, share meta statistics and “S” tier decks. But the data from these sites only contains a small portion of what’s actually getting played, according to LoR team member Dovagedys. In response to a Reddit post blaming top streamers for shaping the meta, Dovagedys disclosed that third-party data sites are “biased” and “only show information from people using those apps.” To correct this issue, the LoR team is working on a way to share its internal data with the community. 

“We are working on a way to be able to share more data with everyone more broadly,” Dovagedys said. “We don’t have an estimated date yet, but we think it is extremely important to show you all the possible competitive decks that are available. The number is much larger than data aggregation sites currently represent.”

Third-party data sites aren’t to blame for creating an unhealthy meta and neither are streamers. It’s more about “asymmetrical information” and “misinformation,” according to Davogedys. The LoR team has openly said since the game’s open beta that there should be at least 10 or more “best” decks in the meta at one time. Since the release of the Season of Plunder, there have been almost 30 viable decks, according to the internal data. 

“Originally, the goal was to have 10-plus decks,” Davogedys said. “Over the past few months, we have seen double or triple that number. It’s very exciting for us to see with internal data.”

A time frame for this new approach toward communicating information with the community is still unknown at this time. Knowing it’s on the LoR roadmap, however, is good news for the community since it should help create a healthier metagame environment when it’s released.