Riot plans to balance over 30 Legends of Runeterra cards next week

Get ready for over two dozen nerfs and buffs.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has a scheduled Legends of Runeterra balance patch next week that will nerf and buff over 30 cards, according to dev Jon “More Synergy” Stebel.

Players have been anticipating the upcoming LoR balance patch first revealed during the 2022 Legends of Runeterra roadmap. Following the release of the A Curious Journey expansion that dropped Gnar into the meta, the March balance patch has become highly anticipated—with competitive players like Aikado making predictions on Twitter. And changes are coming, according to More Synergy in a Reddit post, revealing that there are “about 33 card updates planned for next week.” 

The comment from More Synergy was in response to a lack of communication from LoR devs, on the heels of game director Andrew ‘Umbrage’ Yip announcing on Twitter today that he is leaving Riot Games and Legends of Runeterra to spend more time with his family.

An increase in updates between patches, especially long ones, is in the works, according to More Synergy. The LoR team has its second anniversary coming up this summer, along with upgrades to the Path of Champions PvE mode, and unique champions like Jhin getting released in May. 

“A lot of the team is super heads down and focused on the work we outlined in the dev video, as well as both reactive and proactive work from feedback that we’ve seen on balance,” said More Synergy.

In addition to the 30-plus nerfs and buffs that are scheduled to release on March 30, the LoR team also has a “neat little balance experiment” planned as well, according to More Synergy. All balance updates for the Legends of Runeterra patch will get released on March 29 and go live on March 30.