Legends of Runeterra’s next Lab is Hexperimentation

The newest Lab lets players build their decks in interesting ways.

Image via Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra’s newest patch, 1.14, is bringing an interesting deckbuilding challenge for its newest experiment in Lab mode. The upcoming augmentation, Hexperimentation, has one of four abilities players can try to achieve if they craft their decks with certain restrictions.

The list of powers, and the restrictions they must achieve, are as follows:

  • All Even – If all cards in your deck have an even mana cost, you gain: Start of Round: Grant allies +1|+0
  • All Odd – If all cards in your deck have an odd mana cost, you gain: Start of Round: Grant allies +0|+1
  • No Followers – If your deck contains no followers (it can contain Champions), you gain: When you cast your second spell each round, create a follower in hand that costs less than or equal to your max mana
  • All Common – If your deck contains only common cards, you gain: From Round 7 onwards, Start of Round: Create a leveled up champion in hand

At first glance, the powers add an interesting dynamic to how each deck ideally wants to build. In an all-odd deck, you want to be aggressive since you can have a turn one play against an even deck that can’t play anything. But the odd power grants a defensive boon to your units, changing how you’d want to focus your deck.

It’s also unknown if you can combine multiple powers together if you restrict your deck enough, with an example of All Common and All Even.

If players still want to try this Lab but aren’t in the creative mood to build decks, Riot has made four different prebuilt lists for players to use—one for each corresponding power.

Hexperimentation releases when LoR Patch 1.14 drops tomorrow, Nov. 11. Players have until Nov. 25 to try out this experiment before Patch 1.15 arrives.