Legends of Runeterra teases Freljord spoilers up next

Winter's Wrath may arrive today.

Legends of Runeterra Sejuna
Image via Riot Games

A Freljord region showcase video from Riot Games today teases the next group of Legends of Runeterra spoilers.

Set to leave open beta and officially launch on April 30, over 120 cards are being added to LoR on April 28. Riot revealed eight total cards in the Demacia region earlier this week and teased that the next LoR spoilers will be from the Freljord region today.

Prior to the reveal of Quinn two days ago, Riot released a Demacian showcase video. That means it’s likely that a new LoR champion and units will get spoiled today. The champion being added to the Freljord region is probably Sejuani, also known as Fury of the North and Winter’s Wrath.

Sejuani is the Warmother of the Winter’s Claw, the most-feared clan in the Freljord region. She’ll likely be joined in LoR by her trusty drüvask boar, Bristle, and a spell that showcases her True Ice attacks.

Similar to Ashe in regard to “frost,” Sejuani may slot nicely into Control decks. But considering that the two champions are complete opposites regarding personality and ideals, Riot may choose to design Sejuani around Midrange builds that use Overwhelm and board presence. 

Players should expect four units and a champion from the next batch of LoR spoilers if Riot follows the same pattern from it’s Tuesday spoilers of Quinn and the Scout Demacian units

The new LoR set, which has yet to be revealed, will release on April 28 via PC and on April 30 via mobile with its official launch.