Legends of Runeterra spoilers give Freljord support, hints at Udyr in A Curious Journey

Each card focuses on dealing direct damage to the enemy Nexus.

Freljord is receiving support from Legends of Runeterra‘s newest expansion A Curious Journey with seven cards.

Coming packaged with Regeneration, Overwhelm, and big stat lines, these Freljord cards help the control region stave off attackers and take chunks off the opponent’s life total.

The cards suggest Udyr is the next champion to be added to Runeterra in A Curious Journey. The two transforming cards, Murkwolf Shaman and Mammoth Shaman, point to an Udyr connection as shamans channeling animal auras.

Both Murkwolf Shaman and Mammoth Shaman transform when the opponent’s Nexus takes damage. This makes them naturally fit into a Plunder-focused deck, similar to the current Gangplank and Sejuani builds.

Murkwolf Shaman transforms into Murkwolf Rager. When it transforms you draw a unit. With Regenerate, this 3|3 that turns into a 5|5 will be hard to kill in combat. Mammoth Shaman transforms into Mammoth Rager, a 6|6 with Overwhelm that gets +2|+2 each round start. It’s a strong finisher that is what Freljord decks want from its big-mana plays.

The two-cost 0|5 Bone Scryer deals one damage to the opponent’s Nexus when it survives damage. Tusk Speaker is another two-cost unit that deals one damage to all Nexuses when it’s played. The 3|2 unit is more aggressive than Bone Scryer, but is easier to kill in combat or from a spell.

The lone spell from today’s Freljord reveals is Dance of Tusks, a zero-cost fast spell that deals one damage to all Nexuses.

Upgrade an existing build or craft a new Freljord deck when A Curious Journey releases on Feb. 16.