Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.6 inspires new and creative decks

Test out new decks and experiment with some old favorites.

Kalista Legends of Runeterra
Image via Riot Games

Another major balance patch has dropped in Legends of Runeterra, leading to a number of unique deckbuilds from top players and streamers. 

The Noxus and Ionia region was hit the hardest in LoR Patch 1.6, receiving several nerfs to Elusive and Burn units. This has opened the door for experimentation of new builds within certain archetypes. Shadow Isles, for example, was untouched by Patch 1.6, which has spawned the return of Kalista to the meta in Swim’s revised Kalista Aristocrats deck. 

Kalista Aristocrats is an Aggro/Midrange build that heavily relies on killing your own units as fodder for Neverglade Collector. Drop multiple copies of the ferryman and it’s essentially game over. 


Streamer and LoR Master-tier player ManuS created a unique and utterly new deck build that’s champ-less. Frozen Seafood is another Aggro style build that relies on Bilgewater Elusive units in conjunction with a splash of Freljord for pumping up the power. And because it’s primarily Bilgewater, Plunder is a thing too. 


Bruised By God (BBG) went back to the drawing board as the master deck builder that he is and came up with an Ezreal/Swain build that should satisfy Control players who want to beat down the Aggro decks. 


And Alanzq returned to an old favorite, rocking Warmother on stream. Only Anivia’s Eggnivia was nerfed in Patch 1.6. But despite the adjustment, Warmother remains a viable Control deck in the LoR meta. 

Deck code: https://decksofruneterra.com/decks/v_LpoQYyw