How to watch Twitch Rivals Legends of Runeterra tournament

A total of 16 competitors will each earn a minimum of $2,500.

Image via Riot Games.

Twitch Rivals is hosting its first Legends of Runeterra tournament, featuring 16 streamers and a total prize pool of $100,000.

In response to the official launch of LoR via PC and mobile, along with the release of the Rising Tides expansion, Twitch Rivals will showcase top streamers on May 14. Coverage of the tournament begins at 9am CT on Twitch Rivals’ official stream. 

Twitch Rivals LoR format

Riot has yet to announce an official competitive format for LoR, allowing flexibility for orginizations hosting community events. Twitch Rivals has chosen to go with a one-vs-one Conquest best-of-three format that includes a number of specific rules.

  • Three decks are submitted per competitor. 
  • Before each best-of-three match, players will ban one deck that their opponent can’t play.
  • To win a match, a competitor wins two games within a best-of-three match, each with an unbanned deck.
  • Three rounds of Swiss will feed into a single-elimination upper and lower bracket. 
  • There’s a 50-minute time limit per match. If the time should run out, players may take three more turns to decide a winner. 

Prize money

Following three rounds of Swiss, players are split into an upper and lower bracket. Each bracket will reward players with earnings for first through eighth place. 

Upper bracket payout

Third to fourth$10,000
Fifth to eighth$5,000

Lower bracket payout

Third to fourth$3,000
Fifth to eighth$2,500

Where can I find decklists?

Competitors in the Twitch Rivals LoR tournament are submitting their decks in Discord with Mobalytics links.  

Who’s invited?

Twitch Rivals hasn’t officially released to the public who’s been invited to the LoR tournament on May 14. MegaMogwai, however, revealed on Twitter yesterday that he’s participating. And on May 10, Swimstrim canceled his stream to “prepare for a tournament next week.”

Update May 12 8:30pm CT: All 16 participants in the LoR Twitch Rivals event have been revealed.