How to best maximize EXP gain for your Legends of Runeterra Weekly Vault

Although Riot’s card collection process is generous, players can optimally hit high vault levels for the best rewards with these tactics.

Legends of Runeterra Twisted Fate Level Up
Image via Riot Games

Ever since Legends of Runeterra launched in closed beta in October 2019, Riot has shown willingness to keep the game free-to-play-friendly with a plethora of card rewards for players from Region Roads and their Weekly Vault system. Out of the two, the Vault awards players at a consistent rate each week on Thursday and gives players more rewards based on how much LoR is played throughout the week.

With such an elaborate system, here’s how to best optimize your EXP gain and get the best Vault rewards each week.

The Vault rewards themselves and the levels that matter

With 13 different levels that improve your rewards the further you go, there’s multiple breakpoints you can aim for depending on what kind of player you are.

  • Level five (which requires 4,000 experience) is when the rewards start getting good. Besides getting a golden chest and two silver chests, you also get a random champion card you do not already own. This level is easily attainable if you play only a few times throughout the week. If you get a few daily wins and complete a couple of quests, then this can be obtained fairly easily.
  • Level 10 (which needs 13,000 experience to attain) is a large improvement over five. Instead of getting a random champion, you get a champion wildcard, which effectively turns the random champion into an effective champion of your choice. Aside from letting you choose the champion you want, this allows you to hoard champion wildcards for future expansions if you already own every champion in the game. This level also brings your three chests into the platinum rarity, which is a moderate improvement over the previously awarded gold chests.
    • Level 10 can be easily obtained if you claim your three daily win bonuses each day of the week and complete a good amount of your weekly quests. 
  • Level 13 (a total of 25,000 experience to reach) is the maximum where your three chests are upgraded to the highest diamond rarity. Compared to the other previous levels mentioned, 13 requires a bit more effort to reach. Besides needing to regularly complete quests and three daily wins, you’ll need to play more games each week and maintain a high win rate each day.
  • Level 14 and beyond (which requires 4,500 experience for every level after 13) gives a rare capsule. This shouldn’t be regularly sought after by players that don’t play the game an immense amount, since it’s unrealistic to reach every week. This serves more as a bonus for players that find themselves playing a ton, like if they’ve been grinding the ranked ladder for high consistent ranks.
    • As a potential bonus, every rare capsule obtained here has a chance to be upgraded into an epic (and another chance to upgrade into a champion capsule beyond that).

Best ways to grind EXP

Since you need 25,000 experience to reach level 13, you can get halfway there simply by clearing your daily quests and getting three wins each day. In regards to your daily quests, it’s always best to reroll any quests that give 1,000 EXP for a chance at 1,500. If you’re trying to improve your odds at getting a 1,500 EXP quest, then you can hold onto the quest and not complete it until Thursday comes and has you open your weekly chest, or wait until your quest log is full to start clearing the quests.

Due to the new Multi-Lab system that was added in the most recent patch, if you ever find yourself having off days and unable to garner wins over opponents, you can go into the single-player lab and gather daily wins through that avenue. While it effectively has you face off against AI, the game mode is still considered to be Lab, which gives you rewards as if you were facing off against actual players.

In addition to these ways, you can up to 1,500 EXP from challenging your friends each day. There’s a limit of which experience you can gain (five wins giving 1,000 EXP and five losses giving 500 EXP). But if you ever need a last boost to reach a certain level milestone, you can message your friends to perform matches and push you both over the required experience.

Overall, Weekly Vaults are an imperative part of the LoR economy, and each player can tackle it at their own pace to complete their card collection at a fair rate.