Here are the best Runeterra decks played at EU Creators Invitational

From Hecarim and Elise to Burn and Heimerdinger, several decks shined against the meta.

Open Beta Legends of Runeterra Riot Games
Image via Riot Games Legends of Runeterra

The first EU Creators Invitational yesterday showcased many of the top Legends of Runeterra archetypes, consisting of 24 players from eight countries.

Featuring a diverse meta of 13 archetypes, a total of 72 LoR decks were submitted, ranging from Heimerdinger Control to Kinkou Elusives. Three players went undefeated during the first five Swiss rounds, but in the end, it was Tilted_22 who earned the first EU Creators Invitational title. 

Shadow Isles, Freljord, and Ionia were amongst the most played regions yesterday. But Piltover and Zaun, along with Demacia, were also well represented. A nerf may weaken the SI and Ionia regions in the upcoming patch, but until that happens, here are the best LoR decks that were played at the EU Creators Invitational and the content creators who navigated them towards a top finish.


Recording an overall win percentage of 85 percent, Tilted_22 won yesterday’s EU Creators Invitational playing S/I Rally, Kinkou Elusives, and Ezreal Elnuk Control. All three decks performed well for Tilted, but the two best performers were Ezreal and S/I Rally. 


Ek0p suffered a loss in the semifinals, wrapping the tournament with a 70-percent win percentage. His only loss in the Swiss rounds was to AlanzqTFT and was defeated in the semifinals by Tilted_22. His Ashe/Rekindler build had a solid run, utilizing Elise and her spider package along with Ashe and her Frost. And if either champion perished, The Rekindler was there to bring them back to the battlefield. 



After going 3-0 in the first three rounds with his infamous creation, the Seven-Million Heimerdinger IQ deck. Mogwai lost the following two rounds playing Spooky Karma. But despite the losses, Seven-Million IQ is still one of the best decks in LoR. 


Despite losing in the semifinals, Zetalot went undefeated in the Swiss rounds playing Demacia/Shadow Isles and Anivia S/I Control. The only two Demacia spells within his first build were Single Combat and Vanguard Redeemer, which performed well against the other meta decks. 


Also going undefeated in the Swiss rounds, S4Mule played submitted a unique Elise/Darius build. He also competed with Kinkou Elusives and a creative build utilizing P&Z with Shadow Isles. Unlike the other Prankster Burn decks, the one S4Mule crafted left out the P&Z units while relying upon spells such as Mystic Shot, Thermogenic Beam, and Get Excited.



Finishing second place overall at the EU Creators Invitational, FirstPinkBeaver had a solid run playing Hecarim/Zed and Hecarim/Elise. It was his Shadow Isles/Noxus deck that FirstPinkBeaver played in the final match, and despite the loss, it’s a solid LoR deck that earned more than a few wins yesterday.