Everything about LoR Cosmic Creation seasonal playoffs

Watch the best LoR players from around the world compete for the seasonal title.

Image via Riot Games

Playoffs for the Legends of Runeterra Cosmic Creation seasonal tournament will take place this weekend, featuring 32 players per regional shard across four regions. 

The Cosmic Creation playoffs will take place on Feb. 28, starting at 3pm CT for players in the Americas region. Similar to the LoR Monuments of Power seasonal playoffs—each region, four in total, contains a total of 32 players

Riot is making a few adjustments to upcoming seasonal tournaments, but the new rules won’t go into effect until April. The LoR Cosmic Creation seasonal playoffs will have the same format as the MoP tournament. 

  • Players will compete with a total of three different decks containing no duplicated champions, region combination, and no more than one deck without a champion. 
  • Decks contain a total of 40 cards, containing up to two regions, three individual copies, and no more than six total champions. 
  • One of each player’s decks is banned by their opponent prior to the start of a match.
  • Once a deck wins a game, players cannot use it again during that best-of-three match. 

Here are the top 32 players competing within the LoR Cosmic Creation Americas playoffs:

Maykon JaxsonZorig DunguFlopSimpTheMidnightCobra
ViktorKavZakkWyldeCloudy v1Lukio

A total of five countries are being represented at the Americas Cosmic Creation: United States, Brazil, Canada, Argentina, and Australia. The United States has a total of 16 players, followed by Brazil with nine. 

First place at the LoR Cosmic Creation playoffs will earn $10,000, while all 32 competitors will walk away with a slice of the total prize pool. Competition for the Americas shard begins at 3pm CT with the finals kicking off at 8pm CT on Feb. 28. Riot will provide coverage of all four regional shards but hasn’t released details at the time of writing.