Every Expedition change coming with Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.3

Even more minor adjustments are coming to the limited format.

Image via Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.3 is coming on June 10, Riot Games announced today.

While today’s announcement also included major news about ranked mode’s season changing alongside vault day, Riot has continued to share the constant iterations coming to Expedition mode’s current buckets. Most of the changes coming in this patch are buffs to underperforming archetypes, showing Riot’s commitment to constantly updating the limited format to keep it fresh and entertaining to those who participate in it.

Besides functional and consistency buffs to the buckets, the rate at which some buckets appear, like Fishbones and Spell Slingers, will also increase. This allows players to have a higher chance of being rewarded for leaning into and trying to force those specific archetypes into their decks.

While Riot didn’t announce any big major changes to Expedition mode in this patch, it’s expected that continual maintenance to the previously-mentioned improved changes are still happening.

The main bucket that was highlighted to be underperforming was Raiding Party. To make up for its weakness, the bucket will be getting more enablers and rewards for its usage of the Plunder mechanic.

Here are all of the changes coming to Expedition mode in Patch 1.3:

Fishbones is receiving a buff to its consistency, plus a number of one-cost units from other regions to provide a more varied experience depending on which third region you’ve chosen.

  • Added: Barkbeast, Coral Creatures, Daring Poro, Fleetfeather Tracker, Hapless Aristocrat, Legion Saboteur, Lonely Poro, Mageseeker Conservator, Navori Bladescout, Omen Hawk, Precious Pet, Sparring Student
  • Removed: Pilfered Goods, Scrapdash Assembly
  • Increased Wild Pick Bonus Chance to High (from Medium)

Raiding Party has been a bit weak lately, so Riot is upgrading both its Plunder enablers and rewards.

  • Added: Chum the Waters, Jagged Butcher, Jagged Taskmaster, Monkey Idol, Parrrley, Yordle Grifter
  • Removed: Golden Narwhal, Petty Officer, Sheriff Lariette Rose, Warning Shot

Scout it Out ended up on the weak side after the bevy of changes it received in 1.2. Now, Riot is giving its Bilgewater side some compensatory buffs.

  • Added: Jagged Butcher, Make it Rain, Playful Trickster
  • Removed: Golden Narwhal

Scrapheap has ended up being pulled in a few too many directions, so the devs are focusing it toward the strategies that are working out the most.

  • Added: Chempunk Pickpocket, Clump of Whumps, Shady Character, Thermogenic Beam
  • Removed: Arena Bookie, Flame Chompers, Insightful Investigator, Jury-Rig, Professor von Yipp, Sump Dredger, Vault Breaker

Spell Slingers is receiving a large buff to its consistency for drafters who are willing to commit to it heavily.

  • Added: Sleight of Hand, Slotbot, Will of Ionia
  • Removed: Playful Trickster, Spirit’s Refuge, Yordle Grifter
  • Increased Wild Pick Bonus Chance to High (from None)

Terrors from the Deep has been buoyed by Riot’s overall changes in the last patch, so the devs are watering down the Sea Monsters package while also buffing the weaker Shadow Isles side.

  • Added: Bubble Bear, Pick a Card, Slotbot, Withering Wail
  • Removed: Stirred Spirits

Death’s Door

  • Added: Atrocity, Puffcap Peddler
  • Removed: Tortured Prodigy, Unlicensed Innovation


  • Added: Will of Ionia; Yone, Windchaser

First to the Draw

  • Added: Black Market Merchant, Shellshocker

Grand Moments

  • Added: Eminent Benefactor, Suit Up!
  • Removed: Assembly Bot, Plaza Guardian

Mega Keg

  • Added: Slippery Waverider
  • Removed: Hunting Fleet


  • Added: Tortured Prodigy
  • Removed: Sapling Toss

Total Recall

  • Added: Deny, Gotcha!, Plaza Guardian
  • Removed: Kinkou Wayfinder, Get Excited!, Recall

You can get acquainted with these Expedition changes when LoR Patch 1.3 goes live on June 10 at 12pm CT.