Every cosmetic coming in Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.5

The crossover with League's favorite Manatee is here.

Image via Riot Games

In an effort to do a crossover with the URF event in League of Legends, the newest Legends of Runeterra patch is releasing new cosmetics that share the theme for April Fools’ Day.

While this isn’t a full-fledged event like the recent Shurima launch with Empires of the Ascended or the Lunar Celebration, the joke character from League will appear in the LoR store. Players waiting for the next event will see it two weeks from now on April 14, which will also be when fans can celebrate LoR’s one-year anniversary.

Here’s every new cosmetic featuring Urf the Manatee coming with LoR Patch 2.5.

Planet Urf (Board)

Image via Riot Games
  • For Legends who know pyrotechnics are the key to victory.

Urf (Guardian)

Image via Riot Games
  • Carpe spatula!
  • Keep an eye out for flying fish… Urf has special visual effects when you tap or rub him.
  • Personality: Extra
  • Favorite food: Pancakes

Planet Urf (Card Back)

Image via Riot Games
  • Abs of gold > abs of steel.

Big Flex (Emote)

Image via Riot Games

In addition to being able to purchase every cosmetic found individually, there’s a bundle that includes all of them together for 2,169 coins. Purchasing the bundle also grants you an icon that can’t be obtained anywhere else.

Image via Riot Games
  • Planet Urf Board
  • Urf Guardian
  • Big Flex Emote
  • Planet Urf Card Back
  • Exclusive Urf Icon

The new card back, guardian, board, and emote can be purchased when LoR Patch 2.5 arrives tomorrow, March 31.