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  • 9 teams
    • 5th and 6th place from 2015 Challenger Series Summer Season
    • 1st and 2nd places of both Open Qualifiers
    • Winners of three National Leagues
      • 1st place of the German ESL Meisterschaft Winter 2015
      • 1st place of the Polish ESL Mistrzostwa Polski Summer 2015
      • 1st place of the Spanish Liga de Videojuegos Profesional Season 9
  • Bracket
    • The second places of the Open Qualifier share one seed, they have to play a Bo5 match to determine the last seed.
    • All 8 seeds are split randomly into two single-elimination brackets of four teams with the following conditions:
      • Both teams coming from the Challenger Series can't be in the same bracket.
      • Both 1st places of the open qualifiers can't be in the same bracket.
  • Best of five matches
  • Winner of each bracket qualifies for EUCS Spring Season
  • EU Challenger Series Spring 2016 Official Rulebook

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