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  • 6 weeks, League play
  • Single Round Robin
  • Each match is Best of Two
    • 2:0 Winning team receive 3 points
    • 1:1 Both teams receive 1 point
  • Advancement:
    • The top six teams advance to the Summer Playoffs, with 1st and 2nd receiving byes.
    • 7th and 8th place teams play a Best of 3
      • Winner plays in the Winter Promotion, against the 2nd place of Challenger Circuit.
      • Loser is autorelegated
  • Rankings are determined by the following methods:
    1. Total Points
    2. Total Wins (Or fewest losses when teams have no wins)
    3. Shortest combined Game Time (for the team's wins)
    4. If two teams have the same record, ties will be broken by a Bo1 game between the tied teams.