2015 EU CS Summer Season

Prize Pool
23 Jun - 22nd Jul 15
Participating Teams
2015 EU CS Summer Season
23 Jun  -  22 Jul


  • Six Teams
    • Three from 2015 EU CS Spring Playoffs
    • Three from Qualifier
  • Double Round Robin
  • Each of the six teams will play one another every week in two matches -- one game on each side of the map.
    • Both matches will be played during the same week.
  • Every game is Best of One.
  • Top four teams advance base on Win-Loss record.
    • Ties will be broken according to LCS tiebreaker procedures.
    • Fifth-place team gets two byes in the Spring Qualifier
    • Sixth-place team gets one bye in the Spring Qualifier
  • Upon successful completion of the regular season, teams get € 8,000.
  • 2015 Summer Challenger Series Official Rulebook

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