Ye Olde League Organization was a North American team.
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Before there was a solo mid or logic to counter the meta, there was Ye Olde League Organization, the oldest documented League of Legends Club in the world. With a proud history of domination and peppered with strategic rotations, Ye OIde League Organization is a top contender this year’s URFitational title.

The organization, founded by Phineas Thistlebook during his time at Cambridge in the early 1800s, built their reputation on the classic game of Checkers. They quickly scooped up more than eight global titles before switching their focus to Yahtzee. After a couple decades of uncontested Yahtzee championships, they set their sights on conquering the Rift. Known for outsmarting their opponents and crushing them with knowledge, the Ye Olde League Organization will not rest until the coveted URFitational award resides in their trophy case at their members-only pub.

2015 Season

Ye Olde League Organization was formed on March 31st, 2015 with a starting roster including HotshotGG, TheOddOne, Reginald, Alex Ich, and ClakeyD to play in the 2015 URFitational Grand Finals. Though the match was intended to be played in the New Ultra Rapid Fire (NURF) mode, unfortunately the game had to be played on Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) mode instead. Ye Olde League Organization came off to an early lead in the game, running a team composition of  Malzahar (played with an AD build),  Jayce,  Ezreal,  Nidalee, and  Ziggs. Six minutes and fifty-nine seconds into the game, coach David "Phreak" Turley decided to switch out two players despite his team's 5k-gold and 2-kill lead. Bjergsen was substituted in for Reginald, and maplestreet was substituted in for TheOddOne. After these substitutions, Ye Old League Organization's lead snowballed, and they won the game over the Society of Worth Assessing Gentlemen in 18:15.

After the victory, Phreak challenged opposing coach Zirene to a duel. The team was awarded the Golden Spatula trophy. Though Phreak stated that the team had shown their prowess in URF mode and could therefore win every game, after the URFitational Grand Finals, the team disbanded.

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