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The Society of Worth Assessing Gentleman [sic] was built directly from blood, sweat, and tears in Brooklyn. Through a series of prominent stickball matches leading to a mantle packed with consecutive World Series titles, the society decided to explore other avenues to prove themselves. The society excelled in football, rugby, and even Tiddlywinks before settling on computer gaming. Although the sporting medium of the Society may have changed, the society’s battle cry of “I said ‘Good Day, Sir!’” and style of pulverizing opponents with savage intelligence and rapier wits remains unchanged.

After a shocking disqualification at the 68th URFitational for unswaggerlike conduct, the Society of Worth Assessing Gentleman reformed with a new generation of players determined to return valor back to their crest and restore golden glory back to their New York borough.

2015 Season

The Society of Worth Assessing Gentlemen was formed on March 31st, 2015 with a starting roster of Saintvicious, Snoopeh, Xpecial, Chauster, and Scarra to play in the 2015 URFitational Grand Finals. Though the match was intended to be played in the New Ultra Rapid Fire (NURF) mode, unfortunately the game had to be played on Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) mode instead. The Society of Worth Assessing Gentlemen fell behind early in the game, running a composition of  Skarner,  Yorick,  Ezreal,  Galio, and  Fizz. At 6:59 into the game, opposing coach Phreak decided to switch out two of his players for substitutes, and so the Society of Worth Assessing Gentlemen's coach Zirene did the same for his team: Doublelift and Aphromoo were substituted in for Chauster and Scarra. After these substitutions, Ye Olde League Organization's gold lead snowballed, and the Society of Worth Assessing Gentlemen ended up losing the game at 18:15. After the event, the team disbanded.

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