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Derek "zig" Shao was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, moved to Waterloo which is also in Ontario, Canada and then to Chicago, Illinois so he can attend school in the U.S. He now lives in Santa Monica, California so he can pursue his professional League of Legends career there. zig started playing League of Legends in the summer of 2010 and started publicly playing professionally in 2012 (season 2).

Season 1

zig started his professional League of Legends career by joining XXX/unRestricted eSports but he left them before they received a sponsorship from Curse and became known as Curse Gaming.

Season 2

In January 2012, zig joined Just Your Average Joes but did not play with the team for long and left them in March 2012. In the same month, zig officially entered the competitive League of Legends scene by substituting for Monomaniac eSports with ZionSpartan in IPL 4 due to original members NOthing12eal and WildTurtle not being able to attend. With the new lineup, Monomaniac placed 4th, defeating against All authority 2-0 and Curse Gaming 2-1 in best of threes.

After their successes at IPL 4, the Monomaniac roster of NintendudeX, zig, ParadoXical, Pixel, and ZionSpartan left to join Team Dynamic. zig played as the AD Carry for Team Dynamic and had a long successful run in season 2 with the team in many tournaments which made them a well-known professional North American League of Legends team at the time. However, after a poor showing at the LoL Season 2 North American Regionals and conflicts occurring in zig's personal life, tension started to build between him and his teammates. This, along with zig's inactivity because of school, led him to depart the team in October 2012.

Season 3

In January 2013, zig joined Pulse Esports, the roster of which was later picked up by Team Dignitas as their challenger circuit team in February of 2013. However, the team had a very short run together and they disbanded on April 6th, 2013.

In November 2013, zig joined Nexus Gaming, another unknown team that he had a short run with. He left the team in December 2013.

Season 4

In May 2014, zig joined Team Curse as a substitute and spent a really long time with the team.

In August 2014, during zig's time as a sub for Team Curse, he played for Team LoLPro as their AD Carry under the name Zignature in the 2014 NA Challenger Series Summer Playoffs. The team beat Denial eSports in the quarterfinals but then lost to Curse Academy in the semifinals and placed fourth overall after losing 3-1 to Team Coast in the third-place match. As a result, they did not qualify for the 2015 NA LCS Spring Promotion Tournament.

2015 Preseason

In November 2014, it was rumored that Zignature would be joining LMQ; however, instead he joined Team Liquid (formerly known as Team Curse) as a sub and then Liquid Academy as their starting top laner in January 2015. He also re-shortened his name to zig.

2015 Season

zig played with Liquid Academy in the 2015 NA Challenger Series Summer Qualifier. They were eliminated in the second round by tournament-favorites Misfits (now known as Renegades).

2016 Season

TLA played in the 2016 NA CS Spring Qualifier where they 3-0'd Team Frostbite to qualify for the 2016 NACS Spring Season. Following an announcement that all members of the Academy team would also be active substitutes of the main Team Liquid roster, the organization swapped Dardoch and Matt off the Academy team for the NACS season. They finished in fourth place, narrowly making the playoffs after winning an automatic tiebreaker against Dream Team but then lost to Apex Gaming 3-1. After the split ended, Team Liquid Academy rebuilt their roster and zig left, joining Phoenix1, the organization that purchased Team Impulse's NA LCS Summer Season seed, in May.

Faced with visa problems for intended starting jungler Inori, the team was forced to add a substitute jungler Zentinel to their roster, who competed for them for the first three weeks. In that time, Phoenix1 lost all of their series and won only two games total, cementing themselves in last place, behind Echo Fox. Their winless streak continued after Inori's return and through their first series of the fifth week, at which point they had a 3-18 game record and 0-9 series record. In the second series of that week, however, they picked up their first series win against Apex Gaming, with a comeback 2-1 victory after dropping the first game. After this first win, their record improved significantly, and in the second half of the season they went a combined 5-4 - not enough to keep them out of relegations, but enough to surpass both Echo Fox and NRG in the standings for a top seed in the promotion tournament, where they requalified for the LCS with an easy 3-0 win over Echo Fox. Though zig shared the starting top lane spot with Brandini, he started in all but 7 of the regular season's games, and in all of the promotion games.

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