Glenn "XzedoN" Coope was previously the support for Team Infused.
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Glenn "XzedoN" Coope started playing League of Legends in season 1 reaching level 30 only playing casually with some friends. He originated from the competitive COD4 scene, eventually moving over to the MOBA scene. It was only until season 2 he began to take the game more seriously and continued to main the support role more towards the competitive side. XzedoN was the captain of the all Stockport team Malph Paper Scissors and took his team to Insomnia 48 Spring 2013, in which the team placed 5th in their debut lan, prior to also qualifying 3rd in the Insomnia 48 Qualifiers. Shortly after, XzedoN and his team were picked up by Team Infused and he went on to compete in the Insomnia 49 UK Qualifiers, epic.ELEVEN and Insomnia 49 Summer 2013 placing respectfully in the major tournaments.

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