Joseph "XJ9" was a high-Elo League of Legends player. He is most known for displaying high levels of toxicity in the community.
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Joseph "XJ9" Sulenski was banned from League of Legends in August 2013 because he had been "incredibly abusive to players within [the] community, in one unfortunate case very explicit death threats were made against another user."

2015 Preseason

In July 2014, XJ9 was announced as a coach of SUPA HOT CREW and would be coaching alongside LS. However, his time with the team was very brief.

2015 Season

In April 2015, XJ9 was unbanned from League of Legends, after completing a trial period with Riot Games to allow him back in. However, it was almost immediately clarified that the Rioter who had granted him that trial period had acted in error, and that his permanent ban would not be lifted. This decision sparked a large community-wide discussion.

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