Yotsathon "Xeres" Littisornthanoo was previously the support for Team Infinite.
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Season 2

Yotsathon "Xeres" Littisornthanoo was one of the original members of Bangkok Titans. He joined in May 2012 and competed with the team in a number of smaller tournaments and qualifiers. His first major appearance was at the 2012 Garena Premier League (GPL), where he played both support and jungle. The roster changed nearly every week of the tournament, although Xeres was a relatively consistent member of the squad. In part due to the constant roster changes, the team came in last place with a 4-36 record. Xeres also played with Bangkok Titans at IEM Global Challenge Singapore, but the team was eliminated in Group Stage.

Season 3

At the beginning of the season, Xeres and his teammate NVM (now Firefox) left Bangkok Titans and co-founded Team Infinite. Team Infinite competed in the 2013 LCS Pro League Thailand, with Xeres playing jungle. The team ultimately finished in 3rd. Xeres switched to support to compete in the Thailand Grand Championship 2013, where Team Infinite finished 3rd again.

2014 Season

The team's consistent showing in the previous season allowed it to compete in the 2014 GPL Winter Thai Qualifier, where it defeated Blackbean for a spot in the 2014 GPL Winter. Team Infinite failed to win a single game in the tournament and was eliminated in Group Stage. At the same time, the team struggled in the Winter season of the 2014 Thailand Pro League, finishing 4th. Afterward, Xeres was replaced by SoulKenJiz.

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