Bram "wewillfailer" de Winter is a coach for Nerv.
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Bram grew up in Aarschot, Belgium. He started playing video games from a very young age.The first major game he loved to play was Diablo 2. He went on to consistently play Warcraft 3 then World of Warcraft. After attempting to break into the competitive scene of World of Warcraft, Bram eventually started playing League of Legends soon after its release and became one of the top listed players on the EU West servers pre-Season 1. He favored solo mid champions, heavily playing a majority of his games as  Anivia and  Twisted Fate. He gained more recognition reaching Rank 1 in the 3v3 ladder of Season 1. This led him to pursue the competitive aspect of League, eventually joining the roster of Against All Authority.

After leaving the roster mid 2011, he went on to join various notable teams including mousesports, Tt Dragons, and Team Solo Mebdi. Until January 2013, wewillfailer was the Support for Team Solo Mebdi which disbanded after three of its members got banned for exceptionally toxic behavior. Bram and previous members of notable teams then formed Uncle Ruckus' Revenge to compete, which became Sinners Never Sleep. After having success in multiple tournaments, wewillfailer and his team then won the LCS Season 3 Go4LoL Summer Promotion Qualifier, allowing them to compete for a spot in the EU LCS Summer Season. After sweeping Against All Authority, Bram with Sinners Never Sleep became a new team to play in the LCS summer season. Bram played for Lemondogs (previously Sinners Never Sleep) a few weeks in the EU Summer LCS before parting ways with the team in July. He was soon after picked up to play for the new roster of his previous team, against All authority.

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