Park "Untara" Ui-jin (Hangul: 박의진) is a top laner for SK Telecom T1. He was previously known as Yizhen.
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2015 Season

Park "Untara" Ui-jin originally played for Energy Pacemaker.Carries in China as a top laner under the name "Yizhen". He left to join Star Horn Royal Club in May of 2015. He played with them in the 2015 Demacia Cup Summer Season where they lost 3-0 to Snake eSports in the round of 16. They ended in first in their group in the 2015 LSPL Summer Season. This allowed them to qualify for the 2015 LSPL Summer Playoffs where they were knocked out swiftly with back-to-back 2-1 losses to Hyper Youth Gaming and Team WE Future.

2016 Season

Yizhen left SHRC in December 2015 to join CJ Entus as a top laner under a new name, "Untara". During the 2016 LCK Spring Season, CJ went 8-10 in sets, finishing in eighth place overall for the spring split.

CJ Entus had a very poor showing in the 2016 LCK Summer Season, going 3-15 total in set score. Untara's benching for Shy as the starting top laner seemed to make no difference in their abysmal results. Locked into tenth place in the LCK season, CJ Entus participated in the 2017 LCK Spring Promotion. In the first round they were swept 2-0 by Kongdoo Monster, bringing them down to the loser's bracket. There, they beat SBENU Korea 2-0 before falling to ESC Ever in a 3-0 sweep to become relegated from the LCK. This marked the first time an original Kespa team was relegated from the LCK.

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