Kristiano "Trashboat" Lukšić is the AD carry for Sin Gaming.
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Kris 'Trashboat' Luksich is a high-ELO AD Carry hailing from Australia, and currently the AD carry for Little Wraith. He started gaming early, playing Diablo II as early as age 6, before playing World of Warcraft at a competitive level. Having seen League of Legends during the beta, he was turned towards Heroes of Newerth by friends before rejoining League of Legends 6 months later.

Trashboat started in the competitive scene joining the team FIGJAM in July 2013 for the PAX AUS tournament for a spot at Gamescom, playing in the mid-lane. FIGJAM would go on to take 3rd spot, and shortly after PAX disbanding. In October 2013 he was approached by former teammate Chelby and Jinx, to form Little Wraith.

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