Sanpett "TAP" Marat (Thai: สันเพชร มารัตน์) is the mid laner for Ascension Gaming. He was previously known as Sanpett and InTreso.

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Season 3

Sanpett "TAP" Marat joined Bangkok Titans in June 2013. The team's frequent roster changes caused him to play a variety of positions for the team, including top lane during the Summer season of 2013 Garena Premier League (GPL) and mid lane (as well as AD carry) during the Thailand Grand Championship 2013.

2014 Season

InTreso continued to demonstrate his flexibility when he became the starting mid laner for Bangkok Titans during the 2014 GPL Winter, but the team won only a single game and was eliminated from the tournament in the Group Stage. After a similar performance in the 2014 GPL Spring, InTreso switched roles to support, while G4 replaced him in the mid lane. The revamped Bangkok Titans improved its performance and made it to the Bracket Stage, although it was eliminated in the quarterfinals by ahq e-Sports Club. At the end of the year, InTreso left the Bangkok Titans starting roster, replaced by Valen.

2015 Season

In early 2015, InTreso changed his name to Sanpett and joined 3 Piglet, a new team with many former Bangkok Titans players on the roster. Sanpett primarily played mid lane while on the team. 3 Piglet qualified for the Summer season 2015 Thailand Pro League (TPL) and achieved moderate success with a 3rd place finish.

2016 Season

In January, 3 Piglet disbanded. Sanpett changed his name back to InTreso and rejoined Bangkok Titans as a substitute. When the team's longtime top laner WarL0cK left the team at the end of the 2016 TPL Spring, InTreso returned to the starting roster to fill the vacancy. He and fellow substitute Sek split time in the top lane during the 2016 GPL Spring, although InTreso played only two games. After the team finished in 2nd place, it rearranged its roster yet again. Lloyd moved to the top lane while InTreso became the team's starting AD carry. For the 2016 GPL Summer, InTreso switched roles back to top lane. The team finished in 2nd place.

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