Erik "Tabzz" van Helvert was previously the AD carry for Origen.
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Tabzz is a League of Legends player hailing from Borne, Netherlands. His mother introduced him to gaming as he would watch her play during his childhood. He would soon play the first Age of Empires, then follow up with Runescape, another game his mother was heavily involved in. He would play that game for two years. Other games he played include, but are not limited to, World of Warcraft (three years) and Call of Duty (one year). He would be introduced to League of Legends by his gaming friends and would create his account in 2010.

Season 1

Tabzz started his professional career as a midlaner at LowLandLions, before moving on to join High Sea Tigers, where he played with Kerp and YamatoCannon.

Season 2

The roster left the team a the start of the season, joining Western Wolves soon after. After a few months with the team, he and a part of the roster moved on to join Teamless, with whom he managed a 3rd place finish at the Reign of Gaming International Invitational with. Tabzz then went on to join Eclypsia.Luna along with YoungBuck, and although the roster did not last long, Tabzz was promoted to the main roster, Eclypsia.Solaris, where he played with ImSoFresh and Haydal. With the team, the three players managed an impressive 2nd place finish at Tales of the Lane, overcoming a number of notable teams. The three soon moved on to join Millenium at the end of the season.

Season 3

With Millenium, Tabzz competed at IEM Season VII - Global Challenge Sao Paulo, but left the team after a few months, joining Sinners Never Sleep, where he played AD Carry for the first time in his professional career. With the roster, he qualified for the EU LCS Summer Split. Soon after this, the roster was acquired by Lemondogs. Impressive performances throughout the split secured the roster 1st place in the regular season and a spot in the Summer Playoffs. Lemondogs ultimately finished in 2nd place at the playoffs behind Fnatic. This guaranteed Tabzz and Lemondogs a spot at the Season 3 World Championship.

At the World Championship, Tabzz played alongside Zorozero, dexter1, Nukeduck, and Mithy. The team went 3-5 in the group stages, and a 3rd place finish behind SK Telecom T1 and OMG placed them above Team SoloMid, but was not sufficient for the team to progress to the knockout phase.

At the end of the season, Tabzz joined Alliance, where he played alongside Wickd, Shook, Froggen, and Nyph.

2014 Season

The start of the Spring Split was disappointing for Tabzz and the rest of Alliance, as they found themselves consistently ranked in the bottom 3 teams, until the 8th week. From here onwards, Alliance dominated the split. An overall team improvement propelled them up to 1st in the penultimate week. In an unsuccessful superweek, Alliance lost the top spot and finished in 3rd place behind SK Gaming and Fnatic.

Alliance's performance in their first split resulted in their qualification for the Spring Playoffs. The playoffs saw the team lose to Fnatic in the semifinal, and then to ROCCAT in the 3rd place match.

The Summer Split saw Alliance emulate their form from the end of the Spring Split. Tabzz' impressive performances on a range of champions, including  Lucian in particular, helped the team to a 1st place finish - with Alliance staying at the peak of the rankings table for the entire split.

Following this was the Summer Playoffs, a chance for Tabzz to qualify for the World Championship in his first season with the organization. Alliance placed 1st in the playoffs, beating Fnatic in the final, and secured themselves a place at the World Championship.

The World Championship saw Alliance placed in Group D along with NaJin White Shield, Cloud9 and KaBuM! e-Sports. Despite successful games for Tabzz on  Kog'Maw, Alliance beat each team once and lost to each team once, resulting in a 3rd place finish in the group. This meant they would not go any further in the tournament.

On October 24th 2014, Tabzz announced his free agency, departing Alliance.

2015 Season

Tabzz joined Elements as a substitute part-way through the Spring Split, along with dexter, though neither played a single game during the split.

Prior to the start of the Summer Split, Elements announced a new roster, including Jwaow, dexter, Froggen, Tabzz, and promisQ. The split was disappointing for the team, again finishing in 7th place, though this meant that they would still have a place in next season's Spring Split.

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