Søren "Soren" Holdt Frederiksen was previously a mid laner for Copenhagen Wolves.
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Born in Sønderborg, Denmark, Søren started playing video games at the age of 6 with Diablo 2. He continued on to play CSS at a fairly high level, but nothing compared to LCS level. The leader of his last CSS team introduced him to League of Legends. Initially he disliked it, but after a few months he decided to give it another chance and has not stopped since. His first main champion was  Evelynn mid and would rush Mejai's Soulstealer and one-shot everyone with her stun. If he wasn't playing Mid lane, he would play AD Carry because he likes the pressure of being the damage dealer and if you misstep your team's going to lose.

One of the Copenhagen Wolves players contacted Søren and offered him a chance at a try-out; Everything went well and the Wolves liked him. Now, with the support of his parents, he has the chance to play with them during Week 9 of the EU LCS Summer Split. On transitioning from Solo Queue to Competitive, he will adjust his playstyle slightly adjust from the "brainless aggressive style" from Solo Queue to something a more controlled aggression. Before subbing for Copenhagen Wolves, He was biding his time with passing school with decent grades while dreaming of becoming a professional player. He will continue playing for as long as he enjoys the game and feels that he is good enough.

2015 Season

In September 2014, Soren joined the ranked 5's ladder team Unlucky Rejects, composed of the former Copenhagen Wolves roster with Freeze in place of Woolite. The team qualified for the Expansion Tournament, but on November 18th, Copenhagen Wolves announced that they were re-signing the Unlucky Rejects roster.

Soren participated in the Spring Split with the Copenhagen Wolves, and his impressive individual performances on  Cassiopeia in particular helped the team to a 6th place finish in the regular season, securing them a place in the Spring Playoffs. Soren and the team lost to H2k-Gaming in the playoff quarterfinals, meaning they would collect 10 Championship Points for the split.

The Summer Split was far from successful for Soren and the Copenhagen Wolves. Despite making a few roster changes, the team finished in 10th place, resulting in autorelegation.

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