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Andrew "Slooshi" Pham is the mid laner for Team Liquid Academy.

Andrew "Slooshi" Pham started playing video games when he was 13 years old, in 2008. He played just for fun at first, particularly enjoying Dota, before switching to HoN and noticing himself climbing the ladder. He soon decided to start playing high-level inhouses to improve further, and in 2012 he switched to League of Legends when HoN was having major server problems and hit top 10 on the ladder. Pham was asked to join multiple amateur teams and joined Absolute Legends, playing in his first international tournament, IEM Singapore. After that team disbanded, he took a break from League for about six to eight months, before returning and being asked by current teammates Chu8 and Dodo8 to join their team; this team would become Team 8.

2014 Season

With Team 8, Slooshi played in and won multiple Challenger events during Season 4, including the Black Monster Cup once, the Lone Star Clash 3, and then the Black Monster Cup a second time. The team's success in Riot-sponsored events was less impressive, but they eventually managed to qualify for the Spring 2015 LCS.

2015 Season

Team 8 placed 7th in the spring season with a 9-9 record; while they did not qualify for playoffs, their placement did guarantee them seeding into the summer split. Going into the fourth week of the summer split, Slooshi temporarily took a leave of absence from the team due to a family issue and was replaced for the duration by goldenglue. In November, Slooshi joined Top Dog Gaming and left in February 2016 after a failed NACS Spring Qualifier attempt.

2016 Season

Slooshi returned to competitive play in May 2016, joining Phoenix1, the organization that purchased Team Impulse's NA LCS Summer Season seed.

Player Team History
Nov 2016
May 2016
Top Dog Gaming
Feb 2016
Top Dog Gaming
Nov 2015
Team 8
LeftTeam 8
Sep 2015
Team 8
JoinedTeam 8
Dec 2013
FXOpen e-Sports
Apr 2013
FXOpen e-Sports
Mar 2013
Absolute Legends NA
Sep 2012

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