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Lee Byeong-hoon (이병훈)
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Lee "Shrimp" Byeong-hoon (Hangul: 이병훈) is the jungler for FlyQuest Academy.

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2015 Season

Lee "Shrimp" Byeong-hoon joined Team Coast in June of 2015, shortly before the start of the 2015 NA CS Summer Season. The team won the round robin, beating Renegades in a tiebreaker match. However in the 2015 NA CS Summer Playoffs, they lost 3-2 to Renegades in the finals to finish in second place. They still qualified for the 2016 NA LCS Promotion Tournament, where they played against Enemy. Coast beat NME 3-0 and requalified for the 2016 NA LCS Spring Season.

2016 Season

Coast sold their LCS seed to NRG during the offseason, and the new organization picked up an entirely new roster, leaving Shrimp without an LCS team. After playing the first game of the season along with Coast top laner Cris on NRG in order to meet the three-fifths roster stability rule, Shrimp's new team Apex Gaming was announced, having acquired Team Imagine's NACS seed. Shrimp was the team's substitute jungler, behind former Samsung jungler Eve. Shrimp and Eve split starting time in the jungle, and Apex won both the regular season of NACS and the playoffs. In the promotion tournament, they were seeded first against the ninth-place Team Impulse, to whom they lost, and then against second place Challenger team Team Dragon Knights, a rematch of the Challenger Series finals. This time, they didn't even drop one game against TDK and qualified successfully for the LCS summer split.

Shrimp became the full-time starting jungler for Apex in early May, during the mid-season break, when the team suspended Eve for "disciplinary reasons," which were later reported to have been an account ban from Riot Korea for the use of scripts.

Apex's season started out strong, with a 2-0 first week including a 2-1 upset of reigning NA LCS champions and MSI alums CLG. Their success, however, was short-lived, and by week 5 they were in 7th place, where they remained for the rest of the season, out of reach of the playoffs but also safe from relegations for the 2017 Spring Season. In September, both Team Dignitas and Apex were acquired by the Philadelphia 76ers in September 2016, to play under the Dignitas name.

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