Ilyas "Shook" Hartsema is the jungler for H2k

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Season 2

Shook's first team was IWantCookie, which he joined towards the end of the season. The team competed in the Tales of the Lane, after Millenium were unable to compete. Shook and the team placed joint last, but were able to beat an extremely strong Moscow Five team in the group stage.

Shortly after this, the team's roster was acquired by DragonBorns. Two weeks later, Shook left the team along with YoungBuck in order to join mousesports. At this point, Shook began using the alias enVision.

Season 3

On January 21st, 2013, all of his accounts were banned from League of Legends, due to toxic behavior. He was subsequently suspended from the Riot Season 3 EU Live Qualifier as well as from the Season 3 EU LCS for one year. Due to this ban, Shook left the team and returned to using his original name.

Unable to join a top-tier LCS team, Shook joined PrideFC along with Rekkles, who was unable to play in the LCS due to his age. After a month, Shook joined Copenhagen Wolves along with the rest of the PrideFC roster, apart from Rekkles, who officially returned to Fnatic but played as a stand-in alongside Shook with CW.

Shook and the team competed in DreamHack Summer 2013, taking first place in their maiden tournament with a 2-1 victory over Dark Passage. In July, the Copenhagen Wolves took first place at Gfinity London 2013, defeating Eternity Gaming 2-0. After failing to qualify for the Season 4 Spring Promotion Tournament via the Season 4 LCS Spring Promotion Qualifier, they secured their place in the Promotion Tournament after taking 1st place at the Gamescom Qualifier. The team then secured 2nd place at DreamHack Bucharest, before Shook left the team, just a month later.

On November 7th, 2013, Shook's LCS ban was officially lifted.

Shook then went on to join the newly formed Alliance, where he would get his first chance to play in the LCS.

2014 Season

The start of the Season 4 Spring Split was disappointing for the team, as they found themselves consistently ranked in the bottom 3 teams until the 8th week. From here onwards, Alliance managed to dominate the split. The team's overall improved performances, along with a number of successful  Lee Sin and  Evelynn games for Shook, propelled them into 1st place in the penultimate week. Unfortunately, in an unsuccessful superweek, the team lost the top spot. Alliance finished in 3rd place behind SK Gaming and Fnatic.

The team's performance in their first split resulted in their qualification for the Spring Playoffs. In the playoffs, Alliance lost to Fnatic in the semifinal, and then to ROCCAT in the 3rd place match.

The Summer Split saw Alliance emulate their form from the end of the Spring Split. Shook impressed on a range of champions, including  Lee Sin,  Elise and newly popularized jungle  Riven. Shook's performances in Week 2 of the split resulted in a weekly MVP award. Alliance finished in 1st place, staying at the peak of the rankings table for the entire split.

Following this was the Summer Playoffs, a chance for Shook to qualify for the World Championship in Alliance's first season together. Alliance placed 1st in the playoffs, beating Fnatic in the final, and secured themselves a place at the World Championship.

The World Championship saw Alliance placed in Group D along with NaJin White Shield, Cloud9 and KaBuM! e-Sports. Alliance beat each team once and lost to each team once, resulting in a 3rd place finish in the group, meaning they would not go any further in the tournament.

2015 Season

Alliance were the European team invited to IEM San Jose. Seeded directly into the semifinals, Shook and the team lost their matchup to Cloud9 and tied for third place with Team SoloMid.

In order to comply with new LCS regulations, Alliance would have to change their name for the upcoming season, and they rebranded as Elements. The Spring Split itself was not a success for the team, finishing in 7th place after making a number of roster changes. This meant that the team would not go to playoffs, but would qualify for the Summer Split. However, the team rebuilt itself after the split, and Shook left the team.

Going into the fifth week of the Summer Split, Airwaks announced that he would be stepping down from the starting roster of the Copenhagen Wolves, and Shook rejoined his former team. The split was far from successful for Shook and the Copenhagen Wolves. Despite their roster changes, the team finished in 10th place, resulting in autorelegation. After the close of the split, Shook left the team.

2016 Season

Shook joined Vitality for the 2016 season. With himself, Cabochard, Nukeduck, Hjärnan, and kaSing comprising the roster, the team was considered one of the top lineups in the LCS, and they finished the split in third place, behind the surprise first-place G2 Esports and second-place H2k. In the playoffs, however, they were upset by the sixth-place Fnatic and eliminated in the quarterfinals.

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