Tarik "Sedrion" Holz is the AD carry for Red Bulls. He was also briefly known as Tarik.
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2013 Season

Sedrion started playing competitively in July 2013 when he joined the German amateur team Grumpy Wolves. In September, the roster was acquired by Planetkey Dynamics. The team's first tournament was ESL Pro Series Winter 2013. They qualified for the group stage, where they upset second seeded team EYES ON U to qualify for the offline finals. There, the team beat both Playing Ducks and ESC Gaming 2-0 to win the title. Sedrion left the team after the tournament.

2014 Season

Ahead of ESL Pro Series Spring 2014, Sedrion joined n!faculty together with MounTain. The team dominated the tournament, winning 4 out of 5 weekly cups and winning both matches in group stage. At the offline finals, n!faculty won the tournament after winning against both Playing Ducks and Tick Trick and Duck. During ESL Pro Series, n!faculty also played in the Play-In for EU Challenger Series Spring #2, but lost against Reason Gaming.

ESL Pro Series Summer 2014 was a harder tournament for Sedrion and n!faculty. The team was not able to win a single weekly cup, however, three Top 4 placements were enough to qualify for group stage and, shortly after, the offline finals. After winning against Team ALTERNATE and ESC Gaming, n!faculty won their second consecutive ESL Pro Series title, the third for Sedrion.

The cup phase of ESL Pro Series Winter 2014 was rather unsuccessful for n!faculty. In the first four cups, they couldn't get into Top 4. But after winning the fifth cup, they still qualified for group stage. Between the fifth cup and group stage, n!faculty replaced Pronbear and Sigu with Xaxus and SozPurefect to try to qualify for the EU LCS Expansion Tournament.

In the group stage of ESL Pro Series, n!faculty played with Xioh and Sigu as subs and qualified for the offline finals, where they still played without Xaxus, but with SozPurefect. After a win against WOLVES Gaming, they lost 0-2 to Playing Ducks, missing out on their third consecutive title.

n!faculty qualified for the EU LCS Expansion Tournament after placing fifth on the ladder with their team "schnappi der krokodil". After a close win against Tricked eSports, the team upset Gamers2, who were one of the favorites of the tournament, and advanced to the offline finals at IEM Cologne. However, n!faculty lost against H2k-Gaming and Giants Gaming, not qualifying for EU LCS, but for the Challenger Series Spring Season. Obvious left the team shortly after.

2015 Season

Prior to the start of the Challenger Series Spring Season, the roster of n!faculty was acquired by mousesports. The team went 0-8 in the first four weeks of the tournament before beating Gamers2 in both games of the fifth week. However, this was not enough to move them up in the standings, and they finished in the sixth-and-last-place slot, behind Reason Gaming.

mousesports rebuilt their roster ahead of Summer Split after Xaxus, Rawbin and SozPurefect left the team. The team merged with beansu, Dan and coach Inero from PrideZ and added Xioh. With the new roster, Sedrion and mousesports won ESL Meisterschaft Spring 2015 with Obvious as a sub and qualified for EUCS Summer Season after requalifying for qualifiers through the Challenger ladder.

The Summer Season was much more successful for Sedrion and mousesports and finished the regular season in fourth place. In playoffs, mousesports upset first seed Gamers2 and advanced to the finals against Team Dignitas EU, where they lost 2-3 and missed out on auto-qualifying for 2016 EU LCS Spring.

Sedrion and mousesports were chosen by Gambit Gaming as their opponents for the Spring Promotion tournament. With Jinsh replacing Xioh, mousesports lost 0-3, only qualifying for the 2016 EUCS Spring Split.

2016 Season

mousesports decided to make roster changes going into the Spring Split. While Sedrion remained in the team, his long-time support partner MounTain and midlaner Jinsh were replaced by rhuckz and Sebekx. mousesports started the Spring Split very unsuccessful and went 0-4 in the first two weeks. Ahead of Week 5, Sedrion was replaced by Nardeus and became a free agent shortly after.

In March, Sedrion returned to the German scene and joined EURONICS Gaming. The team crushed through ESL Meisterschaft Spring 2016 and won 4 of 5 weekly cups, only losing once to PENTA Sports. After two wins in group stage, ESG went to the offline finals, where they defeated AtroX eSports and EYES ON U 2:0 to take the title and qualified for the 2016 EUCS Summer Qualifier.

ESG changed their roster prior to the Summer Qualifiers and added Hadow and Sedrion's former teammate Obvious. The tournament started rough with two losses against Team Forge and G2 Vodafone, but ESG were able to get back on track to defeat Szef+6 and K1ck Black to finish second place in their group. In the final match against Misfits, ESG lost 1-3 and missed out on qualifiying for Challenger Series.

Sedrion left the team after the tournament but rejoined about a week later. With Intox returning as the support, ESG continued their success of last season in ESL Meisterschaft Summer 2016, winning 3 of 5 weekly cups and easily qualifying for the offline finals at Gamescom 2016. After defeating both Team Lioncast and ESC Gaming, ESG defended their title.

Sedrion joined Beşiktaş.OH very briefly in June for the last week of the 2016 TCL Summer Split, who were in last place at this time. However, after losing their series against both Team Turquality and Crew e-Sports Club 0-2, Beşiktaş.OH was relegated and Sedrion returned to ESG.

In ESL Meisterschaft Winter 2016, ESG struggled to live up to their expectations. Wendelbo had joined the team to replace Intox, but even though they won 3 of 5 weekly cups, he left the team about a month later due to internal difficulties. With k0koo as the new support, ESG could not defend the title after losing 1-2 against Iguana eSports in the semifinals.

To still qualify for the 2017 EUCS Spring Qualifier, ESG had to play in the open qualifier, which they eventually managed to win after defeating Fnatic Academy and AlienTech eSports. In the 2017 EUCS Spring Qualifier, ESG were regarded as one of the teams to eventually qualify with NoXiAK as their new support. However, they finished in third place in their group with a 3-2 record, losing to Fnatic Academy and Nerv, and did not proceed to the final matches. The team disbanded after the tournament and Sedrion became a free agent.

Sedrion returned to competitive play about four months later when he joined Red Bulls, a challenger team built around former Team Vitality support kaSing, Sedrion's former teammate MagiFelix and Korean rookies Thal and MooJin. The team was officially announced only after they qualified for the 2017 EUCS Summer Qualifier through the open qualifier. Red Bulls finished in second place behind Wind and Rain and proceeded to the final against Team-LDLC, which they won 3-0 to qualify for the 2017 EUCS Summer Split.

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