Lucas "Santorin" Tao Kilmer Larsen is a jungler and currently a free agent.

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Santorin started playing video games when he was 4-5 years old. Before he went to League of Legends, he was a football player and a very good Counter Strike player. His League of Legends career started when he was searching for something new, after he got tired of Counter Strike, this was part way through season 2.

Season 3

Santorin joined Intellectual Playground halfway through the season, but chose to join Vengeance eSports soon after. Towards the end of the season, Santorin returned to Intellectual Playground, and got the chance to play in his first major tournament, DreamHack Winter 2013 where he and the team came in 3rd, losing to SK Gaming in the semifinals. Santorin and the team also played in the WePlay LoL Invitational, coming in 2nd behind the same SK Gaming lineup.

2014 Season

Santorin left Intellectual Playground at the start of the season in order to join The Fox Sound. With the team he competed in only minor tournaments, and managed to win the Week 17 EUW Challenger Series Cup. After a few months, the team's roster departed from the organization to join TNP Gaming EU, though Santorin and the team left soon after.

After leaving TNP, Santorin went through a period where he subbed for Cloud 9 Eclipse. It was during this time that he was first noticed within the competitive scene. He competed with the team first at the Copenhagen Games 2014, where they placed 2nd. He was then invited to play with the team in the LCS Summer Promotion, though Santorin and the team lost to SUPA HOT CREW in their promotion match-up.

Just a month later, Santorin joined NA-based Team Coast. His first test with the team was the Challenger Summer Series #1, where they placed 1st, beating Team LoLPro in the final. Soon after this, Santorin and the team won Challenger Summer Series #2, this time beating Curse Academy in the final. Their performance in this tournament resulted in the team's qualification for the Challenger Summer Playoffs. Coast came in 3rd in the playoffs after beating Team LoLPro in the 3rd place match, meaning they had secured themselves a spot in the LCS Spring Promotion.

Unfortunately for Santorin, Team Coast lost their promotion match-up against Evil Geniuses, though the team would still have another shot at qualifying for the LCS in the Spring Expansion. Santorin also won Season X of the National ESL Pro Series during his time with Team Coast.

On October 27th 2014, Santorin left Team Coast along with LOD; they were replaced by Impaler and Jesiz. On November 27th, after an extended trial and rumors circulating that he was to join the team, Team SoloMid officially announced that Santorin would be their new starting jungler, replacing Amazing after his departure from the team and his return to Europe in October.

2015 Preseason

TSM were the North American team invited to IEM San Jose, the first event that Santorin played with the team. They were seeded directly into the semifinals, but unexpectedly lost 0-2 to Unicorns of Love, who had just qualified for the European LCS.

2015 Season

TSM began the 2015 Spring Split with an 8-2 record after five weeks, holding first place during every week after the first. By virtue of their standing after the fifth week of the split, TSM was invited to the IEM Season IX World Championship. There, they defeated Team WE, CJ Entus (marking their first tournament win over a Korean team), and the yoe Flash Wolves to advance to the finals of the event, where they swept Team WE 3-0 to win the title. Though TSM themselves did not play against the GE Tigers at all (then undefeated in the LCK), or against any Korean team in a multi-game series, they still made history by being the first North American team to win an international event with Korean teams present since Chicks Dig ELO at the 2011 World Cyber Games and the first Western team to do so since Gambit Gaming at IEM Katowice in 2013.

TSM finished the spring season with a 13-5 record, giving them the top seed into the playoffs. After defeating Team Impulse and then Cloud9, TSM won their third North American championship, tying Cloud9's record of most North American LCS championships won to date. Their victory also gave them the North American seed to the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational, where they looked to replicate their IEM success. However, the team underperformed in the group stage, winning only their match against wild card Beşiktaş and not qualifying for playoffs.

In the summer split of LCS, TSM started relatively strong, sitting at a 8-2 record at the end of week 5. However, they fell to fifth place by week 9, their lowest regular-season placement to date. In the playoffs, TSM beat Gravity Gaming and Team Liquid in the first two rounds, winning both series 3-1. In the finals, held at Madison Square Garden in New York City, they faced off against long-time rivals CLG and lost in a convincing 3-0 series. TSM had already qualified for Worlds after their semifinal win due to their Championship Points from the spring split, and they ended up with the second seed from North America.

TSM were drawn into Group D, which instantly became known as the "Group of Death" or the "Group of TSM's Death" due to LGD Gaming and KT Rolster being favorites to win it; Origen was the last team drawn in. LGD massively underperformed expectations, however, and TSM took a game off them in the first round robin. However, at the same time Origen overperformed, and ultimately KT Rolster and Origen made it out of groups; TSM lost their second game against LGD and ended up in last place with a 1-5 record.

2016 Season

Santorin left TSM after the 2015 World Championship, stating that would "most likely not be playing competitive League of Legends anymore" in his statement accompanying the announcement. Despite that announcement, he joined European Challenger team Huma in December, along with Werlyb, Godbro, HolyPhoenix, and je suis kaas. After an open qualifier second-place finish and main qualifier bracket win, Huma qualified to the EUCS, where they finished the season with a 3-1-1 win-tie-loss record and in second place.

Santorin did not remain with the team for the playoffs, opting instead to return to North America to play for NA Challenger team Ember due to their starting jungler Contractz being underage. Even though Ember had the option to play with Contractz for the playoffs and use Santorin only for the summer promotion tournament, should they qualify, they opted to start Santorin immediately. However, they lost 3-1 to Team Dragon Knights in the semifinals and did not advance. After their failure to qualify for the LCS, Ember released all of their players except for Contractz, and Santorin left the team.

After Ember, Santorin joined NRG eSports in April, as part of a rebuilt roster including himself, Quas, KiWiKiD, and Ohq along with GBM from the team's spring split run. The roster proved unsuccessful, and NRG were consistently in eighth place week after week in the summer split until they fell to ninth in week 9. In the promotion tournament, they lost first to Cloud9 Challenger and then to Echo Fox in back-to-back 3-0 sweeps and were relegated to the NACS. After relegation, Santorin announced his free agency.

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