Chen "Prydz" Kuang-Feng (Hanzi: 陳廣峰) is a coach for J Team.
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Before the release of League of Legends, Prydz was interested in DotA game as he was fascinated in Dynasty Warriors, which is a fan-made DotA map on Warcraft 3. After the release of League of Legends, Prydz became one of the top players in Taiwan. Moreover, China's e-sport team, Invictus Gaming invited him and UDJ to join their League of Legends division, but they were unsuccessful to join Invictus Gaming due to the internal dissension of Invictus Gaming. In April 2012, UDJ invited Prydz to join 小樂OP as a substitute and began Prydz's competitive gaming. On 21st September, 212, Corsair and SSWIE were merged and renamed to ahq e-Sports Club as well as Prydz became the jungler from substitute position. On 24th December, 2012, UDJ retired from competitive gaming and Prydz replaced his position from jungle position.

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