Michael "Profound" Jordan was previously the top laner for Avant Garde Redemption.
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Michael first starting playing games with the first Civilization and Age of Empires around 5 or 6. In his early-mid teens, he played Age of Empires 3 and was in the ESL ladder, floating around the top 100 players and sometimes top 10 in the world. He also enjoyed Counter Strike: Source. Michael first got into League of Legends through his friends from school at the end of Season 1. He never played a game like LoL before and he really enjoyed how social it was and how it played. It reminded him of chess and Age of Empires with a bit of Counter-Strike. He played only support  Gangplank and rushed Infinity Edge. He had great fun and learnt a lot from his friends who had been playing for a longer period of time.

League of Legends Career

His first League team, LanSquad2K12, was with the same friends from school who introduced him into the game. Although it was a muck around team, they still took the game seriously and tried to improve and be the best they could. They went on the play a LAN in Brisbane where they placed 2nd. The team eventually broke up due to their support player getting recruited to play for a pro team. Michael followed shortly after, playing for SYF Gaming. Then at ACL Sydney, he was offered to join Avant Garde, an offer which was too good to refuse.

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