Ivan "Paranoia" Tipuhov (: Іван Тіпухов) is the mid laner for Virtus.pro. He is professional League of Legens player since Season 3. Before that, he has been playing Dota for nine years.
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Season 3

2013 Kazakh Techlabs Cup was first lan-tournament for Paranoia. He, along with Nike3, Conjke, Neon and LEKCyCC participated in qualifiers for 2013 Techlabs Cup KZ under the name TortFM, but they couldn't win the finals spot's game. Due to problem with VISA from the team Avalanche Russian Rangers, Techlabs have decided replaced them with TortFM. TortFM's roster was acquired by Team Empire organization one week before the tournament. Lossing 0-2 to TITANS ESPORTS, Team Empire finished second in the Kazakh stage of the 2013 Techlabs Cup.

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