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nothinghere lives in Quebec, Canada and started playing video games when he was 9 or 10; he played Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, StarCraft, Defense of the Ancients and eventually moved on to League of Legends. He began playing League of Legends because a friend of his showed it to him when he was playing Defense of the Ancients. At first nothinghere didn't enjoy League of Legends all the much but after he started getting good he started to enjoy it much more, his first main was  Twitch. nothinghere first realized that he "had a lot of potential to win prizes in the competitive scene" after he joined a team that a random guy in solo queue asked him to join. The first big name team he joined was Team Wish followed by jpak and friends followed by Team Normal Stars and finally Azure Cats where they qualified for the LCS qualifers. His first major tournament was the WCG Canada Qualifiers which he unfortunately did not make it into. The hardest part about nothinghere's stride for fame in the League of Legends pro scene is the stress to do the best he possibly can. His parents don't really support his goal of becoming a pro League of Legends player.

He's currently in college for programming and hopes to make a living off video games.

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