Noh "Ninja" Geon-woo (Hangul: 노건우) was previously the mid laner for Team EnVyUs.
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2014 Season

Noh "Ninja" Geon-woo began his professional career playing for Prime Optimus in HOT6iX Champions Spring 2014. The team upset SK Telecom T1 S in the group stage 2-0 but failed to make it out of the group regardless. In June of 2014 he left Prime to join Team WE. His first event with the squad was IEM Season IX - Shenzhen where they defeated EDward Gaming 2-1 in the finals. That would be the only time he emerged victorious against them as he would find EDG in the finals again, this time being defeated 2-0 by them at NVIDIA Game Festival 2014. The two teams met in the semi finals of National Electronic Sports Tournament 2014 with EDG again emerging victorious winning the series 2 games to none. The found each other one more time in 2014, again in the finals of Demacia Cup Season 2 where EDG would again win the series.

2015 Season

Ninja was the starting mid laner for the 2015 LPL Spring Season but was benched and replaced by Xiye halfway through. Ninja later joined Team Dragon Knights in May of 2015 prior to the start of the NA LCS Summer Split on loan from Team WE for the split, filling the gap caused by Kyle leaving a month earlier. However, he and AD carry Emperor both missed the first four-and-a-half weeks of play due to visa issues, and the team used mid lane substitutes Bischu and mancloud and AD carry substitute LattmaN instead. When Ninja and Emperor finally were able to play, the team found their first victory of the split, defeating then first-place Team Dignitas. Despite that initial success, Team Dragon Knights were only able to secure two more victories over the next four weeks, and they finished in last place with a 3-15 record, one game behind Enemy. As a result, they were automatically relegated to the 2016 NA Challenger Series Spring Season.

2016 Preseason

From September to December 2015, Team Dragon Knights briefly renamed to Team Arena Online; they changed their name back due to concerns from Riot about the title sponsor Arena Online fulfilling their promises to the community regarding a million-dollar tournament circuit. Ninja, Seraph, and Kez stayed with the team through both renamings; however, Ninja was suspended for two months for his role in an attempt to recruit Samsung AD carry Fury while he was under contract.

2016 Season

After being forced to sit out for the NACS Spring Season, Ninja was traded to the LCS team Renegades on March 3rd and replaced Alex Ich for the rest of the split, as part of a trade that also brought Seraph to Renegades and sent RF Legendary and Flaresz to TDK in exchange. At the time of his joining, Renegades was 2-12, and the new roster improved that record to 5-13. It wasn't enough to avoid relegations, but it was enough that a 3-0 victory over TDK was enough to requalify them for the summer split.

However, on May 8th, Riot released a competitive ruling stating that Renegades would be forced to sell their LCS seed due to multiple rule violations, and Chris Badawi would be permanently banned from "association or affiliation with any team or organization participating in a Riot-sanctioned league". On May 18th, Team EnVyUs was announced as the new brand. Ninja stayed with EnVyUs along with Seraph and Hakuho.

Fueled by strong practice going into the season, EnVyUs started out 4-0 in series records after two weeks, sharing first place with Team SoloMid. However, in the weeks that followed, they slipped down the standings all the way to sixth place, where they sat from week 6 through the end of week 9. With the bottom seed into the playoffs, EnVyUs faced Cloud9 in the quarterfinals where they pulled out a game 1 comeback win before losing the next three to be eliminated. In the Regional Finals, EnVyUs defeated Team Liquid's new roster with Arcsecond jungling but then lost to Cloud9, who went on to win the gauntlet.

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